Our Products

Only a few examples of our current products are illustrated here. If you have a need that is not listed below, please contact us and we may be able to tool up what you need or help you to better source it.

WRWP can build harnesses to your prototype or help you custom design a harness to meet your needs. We can build products ranging from a simple one wire and terminal harness to a complex electrical assembly.

WRWP provides power cords for vacuums, electric mowers, snow blowers and a variety of other products in various lengths and applications.

With our connector suppliers continuing to increase their pricing and lead times, we took it upon ourselves to tool up our own connectors in order to offer our customers a more favorable option.

We have also helped our customers design and tool up custom connectors and plastic housings in order to meet their needs and reduce costs.

In order to fill a need with our customer base, we now offer a wide variety of Steel cables. These products range from throttle cables to control cables and lift cables with multiple wire ends and conduit ends.

Also to fill a need with our customer base, we now offer various Electronics. We currently produce control modules (encapsulated), LED headlight assemblies, hour meters, joystick modules, and much more.