China Operations

WRWP realizes that in order to stay ahead of the competition, it is necessary to find more ways for customers to save money while maintaining the level of service they expect from us.

While most businesses were still hesitant to buy goods produced in China or Mexico due to quality and lead time issues, WRWP decided in 2000 that it was time to give customers the "Best of Both Worlds". With joint efforts between WRWP and our China-based facilities we are able to give customers great cost savings on our China produced wire harnesses, while assuring that they meet WRWP quality standards. When the need arises for unexpected requirements that must be turned around quickly, we still provide the ability to produce the products domestically.

In addition to wire harnesses, our China facilities have enabled us to serve more of our customer's electrical and molding requirements. We offer a wide range of molded products, connectors, cord sets and battery boots and produce our own tooling at a significant cost savings for our customers.

Our customers can be assured that all of our China facilities are ISO certified.